Emergency Preparedness Consultant
+27 (82) 378 3880


Specialist in mining, processing and security risk evaluation associated with emergency and disaster management and security services, including cost effective systems re-engineering, developing and implementing of agreed and desired processes across operations.


  • Disaster management
  • Emergency preparedness evaluation and monitoring
  • Experience in underground, surface and high angle rope rescue
  • Medic training
  • Mine security
  • Mining- and Community based safety
  • Problem-solving
  • Road Safety Management
  • Safety and Emergency strategy


  • Mine Rescue Services High Angle Rope Technician
  • Basic Ambulance Assistant, Medic
  • Mine Overseers Certificate of Competency
  • Mine Manager Diploma


Evaluating and re-engineering small and medium business Emergency and Security systems via risk based process (2015-2020)
Lonmin global operations (2005 – 2014);
Developing and restructuring a centrally controlled Lonmin EPP system incorporating all Lonmin operations in South Africa, Gabon, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Ireland;
Developing and implemented the associated EPP Group communication systems; Developing and implementing all aspects of a Group associated training and logistical requirements associated with the implementation of the approved Group EPP;
Aligning the Group EPP to local and national emergency response; Aligning international operational evacuation to the Lonmin EPP; Development of centralized EPP communications and Control Centre; Developing of an advanced high angle rope rescue practice within the Lonmin Rescue Teams; Associated with the Mountain Club of South Africa and the South African Airforce 17 Squadron;
Tested at several international high angle competitions with successful results;
Developed specialised in-house Surface Rescue Structure providing invaluable services to the mining operations and the local communities; Developed and managed centralised medic and ambulance response within the Group EPP structure association with relevant outside services and medical facilities;
Developed and implemented a comprehensive disaster management plan for mass medical disasters;
Developed and implemented a Road Safety structure incorporating qualified Road Safety Officials to maintain discipline across all operational roads in collaboration with local law enforcement officials;
Developed fire prevention and fire equipment maintenance for both underground and surface infrastructures as part of Group EPP;
Developed and incorporated environmental EPP for both operations and associated communities; Participated in the development of national emergency qualifications with the SA Qualification Authority (SAQA) and SA Mining Qualification Authority (MQA) as a mining representative
Zambian Copper Mine, (2014 – 2016);
Evaluated, centralized and restructured the company emergency response
Yamana Gold Company in Brazil, Chile and Mexico (2010);
Risk evaluation, audit and re-structuring recommendations of mines located in extremely remote areas, concluded and submitted, attracting a very favourable Yamana Management responses received


Specialist in emergency preparedness: 1999 – current

Proto Team Captain: 1998 – 1914

Mine overseer: 1990